What Window Treatments To Choose For Your Detroit Custom-built Home

Steve Hill

When you’re building a custom home in Detroit, you strive to find the perfect finishing touches, including the window treatments. It might come as no surprise that plantation shutters are a leading choice in window treatments for custom homes in Detroit. Their unique design and style incorporate well with all decor types and give you total authority over natural light. With this in mind you have the ability to produce a welcoming environment and highlight your new home's best features.

Plantation shutters in a model kitchen.

In What Ways Do Plantation Shutters Enhance a Custom Home?

If you are looking to to increase the allure of your custom home, select window treatments that other homeowners in Detroit use to enhance their homes. Plantation shutters work wonderfully with all home designs. They are a focal point and garner attention from people who may be more familiar with out-of-style metal blinds and curtains. Their simple but elegant aesthetic needs nothing extra to look stunning and make a great first impression on visitors.

Plantation shutters make the perfect finishing touch for a custom-built home. Their distinct construction and versatile color choices incorporate easily with any interior, so you are able to ask your builder to include them in any room without worrying about how they will match once you furnish your home.

Plantation shutters can also be designed to fit both standard windows and windows with specialty shapes, so you have the ability to utilize them for windows of any type and save yourself the hassle of selecting various window treatments. You will appreciate having a job removed from your list during the home building process!
Plantation shutters in a model home bedroom.

How Do Plantation Shutters Let Homeowners Control Light?

Homeowners and guests enjoy the look of a sun-splashed home. Even though you’re sure to have impressive light fixtures to illuminate your custom home, the sun’s rays have special characteristics that make a space appear bigger or change its overall feel.

However, the sun’s light is hard to predict. Over the course of a day, the amount of sunlight streaming into your custom home changes, and you have to alter your window coverings to direct the sunlight appropriately. When trying to find window treatments for custom homes in Detroit, homeowners prefer faux wood Polywood® and natural wood plantation shutters that let them control the intensity of sunshine a space receives.

Simply adjust the tilting mechanism to partially close the slats in the daytime when the sun is in full force to allow an area to have a softer glow and adjust the louvers again to make things brighter when the sun is on the other side of the house. You are even able to open the shutter panels at the hinges for full sunlight to generate an impression of being outdoors and close them again for a cozier feeling.

Adjusting shutter louvers also gives you the chance to deflect light. By tilting the slats in either direction, you can illuminate dark corners to make your space seem bigger. You have the ability to shift glaring light away from your guests’ sightline and reflective surfaces without lowering the louvers and removing the light completely. With one simple motion, you can manage the quantity and the direction of daylight that radiates in each space to ensure the comfort of your guests.

Find The Best Window Treatments For Your Detroit Custom Home

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