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White polywood shutters in an open concept kitchen and living room area

Try Out These Simple Window Treatments For Detroit

January 21, 2022

Have you ever seen a window covered with such elaborate drapery that it acted as the focal point of the room? Or went to open a blind only to have it skew in one direction or the other regardless of which string you used? Gaudy or complicated window shades are overwhelming and annoying. Most Detroit homeowners like simple window treatments like classic interior shutters, sleek roller shades, and trendy cellular shades.

So try out these simple window treatment ideas in your Detroit home and say goodbye to difficult blinds and drapes.

Choose Simple Louvered Shutters That Integrate Into Your Interior Design

 White polywood shutters inside a dining room

One advantage of using simple window treatments in Detroit is that they coordinate with almost all decor. Interior shutters are a ideal example. These louvered shutters have attractive straight lines and a smooth finish that give them an understated but sophisticated appearance. They look more like an architectural detail than window treatments. And you can find them in various neutral colors, from the warm wood tones of Ovation® hardwood shutters to cool white faux-wood Polywood shutters.

Louvered shutters are also simple to use. Rather than fussy strings, shutters have panels that you can pull open when needed, and you can control the sunlight by moving the tilt rod or the louvers. You can open the panels when you want lots of natural light or tilt the louvers to redirect light. Then close everything when you need darkness, privacy, and insulation.

Effortlessly Use Cordless And Motorized Roller Shades

Light gray roller shade on a single window in a white bathroom. 

A second simple window treatment idea for Detroit homeowners, classic roller shades are quintessentially simple. They have a flat sheet of fabric that rolls up inside a tube over your window when you tug the shade a little. Some people don’t like roller shades if they’ve only seen ones with pull strings that get tangled and look messy. However, you can avoid such issues with cordless roller shades that use a sewn-in pull bar instead. Or simplify your life further with motorized shades that work with a smart app or remote control.

Roller shades are an easy option for window treatments in Detroit because they have a clean, sleek design that works on nearly every window. Their minimalist style goes with farmhouse, traditional, coastal, minimalist and other design fads. The hardest part about using roller shades is picking from the plethora of choices out there for colors, fabrics, and patterns. You can even choose between blackout, medium, and sheer opacities for the degree of privacy and natural light you desire.

Close Cellular Shades To Easily Insulate Your Windows

Dark gray cellular shades displayed from the exterior of a home. 

Cellular shades provide many similar perks as roller shades. They just look and work a bit differently. Rather than pulling up into a tube attached to your window, cellular shades have fabric pleats that fold and gather up when you open the shades. Those pleats create “cells” that give the shades better energy efficiency and a slight texture. When you shut your cellular shades, their cells catch some of the breeze that blows through your windows. Cellular shades provide a simple way to insulate your windows against drafts and give a little style to them.

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