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White Polywood shutters above a bath tub.

Ideal Awning Window Treatments In Detroit

June 20, 2022

Awning windows in Detroit are known to be difficult to cover while still experiencing their many perks. They are hinged above the glass and open outward from below as you operate a crank. You’ll often find them higher in a room than other window varieties and in humid rooms like baths and kitchens where you want additional ventilation. And they’re typically wider than they are tall.

Adaptable Polywood® plantation shutters are perfectly equipped to the challenges of awning window treatments in Detroit. They swing open and shut easily, accommodate the unusual measurements of awning windows, and are resistant to moisture. Explore why Polywood shutters are your preferred option in awning window treatments.

Polywood Shutters Are The Perfect Complement To Awning Windows

White large Polywood shutters in a modern bathroom. 

Awning windows are designed to bring your home plenty of light and airflow, so you don’t want window treatments that limit those benefits. Polywood shutters give you various means to manage the sun’s rays, ventilation, and privacy. You can swing open their louvered panels to the sides when you would like complete sunshine or a breath of wind from your awning windows or you might shift their louvers for partial light. If your awning windows are higher up your walls, exterior light might enter at an awkward angle. Adjustable louvers are able to divert light if it generates glare on a TV or gets in your eyes.

If your awning windows are located near the ceiling, shutters will still be simple to adjust. There’s no need to extend to the highest point of the window to move them like you would with alternative products like shades. Just manipulate the slats and panels by grabbing the tilt rod from wherever you can reach. Shutters don’t function with cords that can swing and catch on your window crank either!

Polywood Shutters Fit Unique Awning Windows For Great Insulation

Wide white Polywood shutters inside a bathroom. 

Since awning windows are often greater in width than height, you commonly won’t find store-bought treatments that fit them properly. You should choose custom-made louvered shutters instead. The framework is constructed around your window’s specific proportions to make certain you have a ideal fit. This precise construction looks better and wards off spaces for sunlight or drafts to get through. The installation is even able to be designed for your awning window cranking mechanism, so it's easily usable.

Polywood shutters include the additional bonus of innovative weatherstripping that enhances your window insulation when you close them. This insulation system assists in keeping the room at a comfortable temperature and reduces your energy bills.

Polywood Shutters Are Resilient Against Moisture

White Polywood shutters in a large modern kitchen 

You’ll frequently see Detroit awning windows in kitchens or bathrooms for added air circulation. But the humidity and warmth in these areas may ruin wooden or cloth window treatments. This won’t be a concern with Polywood shutters! The synthetic material and strong exterior finish doesn’t split, warp, or discolor from the tough conditions. You can put them on awning windows in close proximity to the shower or overlooking the kitchen sink, and they’ll be in perfect shape for as long as you stay in the house.

Long-lasting Polywood shutters are easy to clean, as well, even when your awning windows are a challenge to get to. Instead of taking them down to wash like cloth materials or attempting to clean them with a vacuum attachment like shades, simply dust them with an expandable duster. In the event your bath or kitchen window shutters get grimy, all that is called for is a little wipe down with a damp rag.

Sunburst Shutters Detroit Has The Perfect Awning Window Treatments For Detroit Homes

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