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Sheer window shades on bedroom windows

Should You Use Room Darkening Or Light Filtering Window Shades In Detroit?

May 16, 2024

When choosing window shades, you should consider more than their looks. Window shades allow you to govern the amount of exterior light that is welcomed into your home. The right shades will make it easy to immerse an interior with sunlight or impede it almost wholly. You just have to decide what you would like for your space. When you know the quantity of light you want, it’s straightforward to make a determination on room darkening or light filtering window shades in Detroit.

Light Filtering Window Shades Vs. Room Darkening Shades In Detroit

An illustration of five light filtering options for window shades

Window shades control the light in an area in various ways. First of all, you are able to raise them to allow light or close them to block it. Motorized shades of all kinds make controlling light levels as easy as hitting a button! You can also get top-down/bottom-up shades that permit you to expose the top of a window for outside light but keep the lower region covered for privacy.

The thickness of the shade makes a difference, as well. Thicker room darkening shades obstruct most exterior light when closed. Light-filtering window shades permit a bit of sunlight through their thinner material. Whether you choose room darkening or light filtering window shades in Detroit depends on your unique preferences and aims for the space.

There are varous levels of opacity or light allowance. Shades vary from sheer—with no privacy and only a little light hindrance—to room darkening that prevent practically all exterior light.

When To Select Light Filtering Window Shades

White translucent shades on a tall living room window

Many Detroit residents want to enjoy natural light in their living areas. Sunshine is an excellent source of warmth and free light. It is able to brigthen a gloomy room and make you feel energized. You could even have a pet who enjoys lying under a sun-filled window.

Light filtering window shades provide your ideal amount of daylight. Their more transparent material filters bright sun rays as they illuminate an interior. You might pick light filtering shades in any room where you would like exterior light without totally uncovering your windows. They’re fantastic for high-traffic spots like a living room or kitchen. Or put them on north-looking or shaded windows that don’t receive an abundance of hot sunlight.

When To Select Room Darkening Window Shades

Sheer window shades on bedroom windows

It makes sense to use room darkening shades in Detroit if you would like to do exactly that: darken an area. You don’t always want exterior light shining through your windows. Implement room darkening shades in bedrooms to stop light from impacting your sleep. Or, utilize them in your home theater to keep glare off the screen. You might also want room darkening shades in sun-impacted rooms that easily overheat. While room darkening shades don’t block UV rays as well as solid window treatments like interior shutters, they still do an admirable job and make your windows more appealing

When To Use Both Light Filtering and Room Darkening Shades

You don’t have to pick between room darkening and light filtering shades. If you want both kinds in one space area, you can have them! It’s common to put a room darkening shade behind a less opaque shade in one window. This layered approach provides a way to obtain room darkening AND filtered light should you need it. And using these shades together provides your window a unique look.

Just chat with your local Sunburst Shutters window treatment professional about placing room darkening shades behind a more transparent shade. Then, you may use whichever shade you need at the time.

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