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How To Install Window Blinds In Detroit

June 13, 2024

Numerous Detroit residents turn to window blinds when they want more privacy and management over sunlight in their properties. They’re a useful and budget-friendly window treatment. Skilled DIYers may also install them in a couple of steps. Even so, nothing is more convenient than working with an expert window treatment installer. Here are the basics of installing window blinds and when to call the professionals to do it for you.

Take Measurements And Mark Everything Accurately

Wood blinds on two bathroom windows

Prior to starting, determine if you want outside-mount or inside-mount blinds. This vital bit of info will help you see where to measure. Take measurements of the width, height, and depth within your frame for inside-mount options. When hanging outside-mount blinds, measure the width and height of your window, including the trim, and add three inches to your measurements to make sure you get adequate coverage. Measure exactly–avoid rounding up or down. Poorly fitting blinds won’t work correctly.

Shop For Blinds

Once you get your measurements, you are ready to find your blinds. You might already know what style of blinds you want. Buy blinds that coincide with your measurements as closely as possible. Off-the-rack blinds might not fit precisely, either sticking out too much or not getting to the end of the window entirely. Make sure you get fasteners that let your blinds hang at the appropriate depth, too. You should choose tailor-made blinds and hardware for a perfect fit.

Install Your Window Blinds

Close-up view of inside-mount wood blinds

Your blinds should be accompanied by instructions. Adhere to them to install your specific product. If you wish to have a glimpse of how difficult it is to install window blinds in Detroit, here are some basic steps to offer a general idea.


Inside Mount Blinds


  1. Place a bracket at the top of the window’s frame around one inch from the edge. Ensure this placement won’t hinder the blind’s operation. Utilize a pencil to indicate the bracket holes.
  2. Drill pilot holes on your marks.
  3. Situate the hardware where you drilled and fasten with screws.
  4. Repeat these first three steps for the next bracket.
  5. Pop the end caps onto the blind’s top rail. Fit the top rail into the brackets.

Attach the tilt wand and try it out. Additionally, try out the pull cord.

Outside Mount Blinds

  1. Determine if you’re mounting on the wall surrounding the window or the window’s trim. Hold up the headrail and make sure the blind covers the bottom of the window.
  2. Mark the ends of the headrail.
  3. Measure four inches from each headrail mark and mark holes for the brackets.
  4. Drill pilot holes on your marks.
  5. Line up the bracket openings with the pilot holes and attach with screws.
  6. Slide the headrail into the brackets.

Attach the tilt wand and test to ensure everything works.

Pick The Most Effortless Way To Install Blinds 

Brown faux wood blinds in a white dining room

Of course, you don’t have to install blinds by yourself. The simplest way to install window blinds in Detroit is to hire a trusted window treatment installer. They will guide you at every step of the process. They’ll help you select blinds that accommodate your requirements, make precise measurements for a made-to-order product, and attach them for you. They support customers every day, so they’ll complete your project efficiently and precisely. They will remedy any challenges without taking hours searching for help on websites. A window treatment specialist will also have a higher quality of blinds than online or box stores.

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