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Plantation shutters in a laundry room

Window Treatments That Bring Light into Dark Rooms in Your Detroit Home

May 21, 2020

Allowing sunlight into a dimly lit room provides a lot of advantages. From reducing your home energy costs due to lowered electricity usage to boosting your outlook in stressful times, thoughtfully increasing the amount of natural light entering a dark room in your home can make the room seem to be brighter and in many instances, larger.

Luckily, you can choose from many different window coverings that will dramatically increase the amount of sunlight entering a poorly lit room. Consider these fashionable ideas that can brighten any dark room in your Detroit home. 

Faux Wood Plantation Shutters Liven Any Room With Sophistication 

Polywood shutters in a sitting room
Polywood® Plantation shutters provide an appealing selection to bring more natural light into a dimly lit room. These energy-efficient shutters have the ability to completely transform your home by adding a refined touch while decreasing your energy bills. The Polywood faux wood shutter is offered in three finishes—white, off-white, and bright white, all of which are guaranteed to brighten any poorly lit room. You can lift the louvers just a bit or raise them completely; in any event, you are in control of the amount of sunlight coming into your home. 

Sheer Window Shades Give Versatile Light Control

Sheer shade in a high rise apartment

If it’s versatile light control you want, with Sunburst’s sheer shades it’s versatile light control you get. These window treatments are exceptional in their construction and are made of soft fabric panels that are spaced two inches apart. Sheer shades are designed to work the same way as a fabric shutter. Close them completely for utmost privacy or raise them and bring the sunshine in. In any case, adaptable light control is the key advantage of these soft window treatments, which add complete functionality and subtle beauty inside any poorly lit room. 

Custom-Made Interior Sliding Door Shutters Bring Light Control To Your Patio Doors

Plantation shutters on sliding doors

If you’re wanting a major impact, then you should consider how customized interior sliding door shutters can provide the “wow” factor anybody would appreciate. With their stylish looks, long-lasting durability, and pure ease of use, our sliding door shutters can make your doors into the bright, sunlit heart of any dark room.

Interior sliding door shutters offer complete privacy and versatile light control with the added benefit of stopping any heat from making its way through the glass, that make them a wonderful investment for anyone who wants to prioritize comfort. Generally, sliding glass doors hidden behind flimsy and cumbersome vertical blinds.

Liven Any room In Your Home With Sunburst Shutters

Need to brighten up a dark room in your home? Sunburst Shutters Detroit is eager to assist you. We offer a variety of window coverings that give you maximum control over the sunlight entering your Detroit home. Examine your many options and discover how brand-new window coverings can bring a little extra light in your life and home! Contact us at 248-429-9294 or send in the contact form below to book a complimentary in-home or virtual consultation.