What to Put on Small Windows In Your Detroit Home

Steve Hill

The big, stately window coverings you see on design shows or in Better Home & Garden can make you swoon, but those aren’t typical for every home. More often Detroit homeowners are concerned with smaller windows – the kind that oversized, flowing drapes don’t work with.

When it comes to small windows, here are our team’s recommendations for the best Detroit window treatments.

Plantation Shutters for Small Windows

Detroit small window shutters
Detroit plantation shutters work wonders for small windows. Some might think we’re just favoring shutters, but shutters really are a fantastic for smaller windows. And there’s more than a few reasons why. Let’s find out!

Shutters Can Fit Smaller Windows No Matter the Size

Interior shutters are custom-built to your specific windows. That means that whatever size or shape the windows are, shutters will fit – without exception.

Detroit arch small shutters

Smaller windows run the gamut of styles: casement windows, eyebrow, circular, octagon windows, etc. Custom plantation shutters fit all of these styles, even the ones that other window treatments can’t.

Shutters Make Small Windows Look Bigger

Detroit small bathroom window 

Some Detroit residents don’t like the fact that their small windows are, well, small. That’s ok, but you don’t have to put up with a window you wish looked different. Interior shutters can add a number of inches to a window with the right frame and mount. Obviously, this won’t really make the window bigger, but it creates the illusion of a larger window.

Shutters Let You Manage Light in Small Windows

Detroit cafe shutter kitchen 

For small windows, light is often all or nothing. Either you’re covering the window, or it’s bare. That’s the deal with most window coverings including as drapes or curtains. But custom shutters offer a little more flexibility with your lighting, especially with cafe shutters for small windows.

Custom Shades for Small Windows

Detroit roller shades small 

The most important thing with shades for smaller windows is to go with custom shades. The majority of small windows aren’t standard sizes, so a lot of shades you get at the store will just cover up your window rather than framing it. So measure your windows precisely and look for custom shades that accentuate your small window and the space around it.

Shades can make small windows seem a tad more boxy and draw attention to their small size, so think a bit before using them for your home.

Combining Window Treatments for Small Windows

What we’ve seen some forward-thinking Detroit homeowners do for their smaller windows is to use more than one kind of window treatment to make them more interesting and bigger. In fact, the windows don’t even have to be small for you to try this in your own home. Combine a window treatment that sits on the frame like blinds or shutters, and hang drapes to either side to buffer the window.

This makes better use of the space, and can help smooth out the flow of your room.

Are Your Small Windows Causing Big Headaches?

Don’t fret over small windows anymore, Detroit. Sunburst wants to help. Give us a call at 248-429-9294 or use the form below to get started on finding your perfect window treatment solution.